McDonald`s restaurant, Kragujevac

Project Description

Architectural solution

Regarding program and spatial conditions, the building was done based on the Terms for spatial planning according to valid Detailed Urbanistic Plan. The design treated the building as a spatial and functional whole, which consists of the existing facilities and the added part which is interpolated into the existing town milieu. The town ambient and the need to use all the advantages and potentials of the location in the centre of the town, dispositions of functional wholes and the diverse visuals demanded a complex treatment of the facade. In harmonization with green spaces around it, the facade was designed to achieve the building to be in visual communication with the hotel balcony and the pedestrian zone. The principal cube of the added part is separated from the existing building with a neutral element from reinforced glass, by which harmonized image integrity of the whole has been attained. Shaping of the building was obtained by simple principal elements of painted flat wall, bay window, transparent glass and steel elements, so that they fulfill the image of the layered urban matrix.


  • The building is designed in a structural system of longitudinal and lateral AB walls; roof structure is also AB, as well as the stairs
  • On the old part the existing joinery was replaced with a new one, according to the drawings of The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Kragujevac Municipality; on the added part there is a facade wall curtain from eloxed aluminum; finishing of the facade is acryl paint; the roof is flat with the lining of clinker tiles; steel elements are lined with reinforced glass and painted with automotive lacquer
  • Depending on the room function, the floors are made of granite ceramics, clinker tiles, ordinary ceramics, acid-resistant coatings
  • The walls are coated with ceramic tiles or painted with oil paint
  • The lowered ceilings are from water-proof plaster-cardboard tiles or armstrong, depending on the room function

Project Details

  • INVESTOR:McDonald's
  • LOCATION:Kragujevac, ul. Kralja Petra I br.19
  • DESIGNER:P.P. STUDIO ARCUS dia Z.Đorović, dia B.Redžić, dia D.Ivanović, dia A.Nedeljković
  • AREA:800 m² - dogradnja
  • RECONSTRUCTED AREA:300 m² - adaptirani deo