The future that stands next to you

Meeting the needs of our clients, we use the latest materials and cutting-edge installations, all according to the principle – today in the world, tomorrow in your home or place of business.

What is elsewhere still a distant future of building has become reality for our construction industry owing to none other but our company – starting from the “green building” concept, through projects designed to comply to all energy efficiency regulations, to the so-called “smart home” system that adapts to any climatic conditions.

GRADINA strives to unify all efforts for preservation of natural resources and healthy environment by:

  • using recycled materials,
  • utilizing building products that preserve the natural resources,
  • using extremely long-lasting materials that do not require constant maintenance,
  • utilizing non-toxic building products without any direct or indirect harmful effects to people and the environment,
  • using energy conservation and water-saving products,
  • investing into facilities and products that support safe and healthy living and working environment.


We have regularly harmonized our business activities with legal regulations in all segments of our operations, diligently implementing all the required standards – from environmental protection and safety to occupational health. Our company shall persist as a champion of all aspects of safety, health and ecological standards in construction and their impact on the environment.

We have constantly followed, reviewed and directed our activities of all organizational parts, services and individuals so our quality policy would be complete. From the first day employees are familiar with this policy, and in accordance with it they clearly recognize their everyday tasks, authorities and responsibilities. In future we will continue providing information and necessary resources through everyday activities in order to maximum motivate the employees so they will be ready to accomplish defined quality policy.

Our company goals continue to be under close scrutiny of the management, which has continuously improved and promptly adapted our own integrated management system (IMS) to the world standards as well as any current changes of the community and business environment. Our main goal was, is and shall remain constant improvement to ensure progress in each segment of work and business activity.