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GRADINA is above all a staunch and professional business partner managed by a team of highly qualified experts.

GRADINA has built and reconstructed more than 4,500 facilities up to date.

GRADINA have built and reconstructed more than 4 million square meters of residential and business buildings.

We have installed in our facilities about 360,000 kilometres of reinforced concrete. The reinforced concrete of such length could go to the Moon.

We have installed in buildings constructed by us 2.500.000 cubic meters of concrete. This is the quantity which corresponds to the volume of the Pyramid of Cheops.

This was done well!

From a company that started out with three employees, over a period of 33 years GRADINA has grown into one of the leading construction companies in Serbia. At this time we are able to build the most complex structures in accordance with the highest world standards. Year after year, the variety of our offer, quality of construction, and deadlines we observe consistently even in the face of unforeseen circumstances have recommended us to new customers. As a result, we have so far constructed or reconstructed well over 4,500 buildings with the total area of roughly 4,5 million square meters of commercial and residential space.

In line with the demands of our investors, our company always kept pace with the times, thus becoming a rare construction company in this area that uses computers in conducting all of its activities, starting from project documentation to continuous monitoring of works on construction sites on the internet.

The reputation GRADINA has achieved to date is among our most valuable assets.

We are consistent and committed to continuous improvement of our staff and business activities. Together with our partners, we work on improving the quality of the environment, which allows us to say without hesitation that we are doing everything in our power to make our world a better place despite the difficult times we live in.

Our business culture is based on the respect for the integrity of both our investors and the environment.

We complete all assignments through diligent high-quality work, always striving to improve our performance. .

Set deadlines are sacred to us, regardless of the weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Our company achieves sustainability, growth and development by means of clearly formulated guidelines for the future, with continuous awareness of the benefits for not only our company but also our customers and partners.

Customers and partners enjoy our full commitment and undivided attention at all times. We provide prompt, innovative and flexible response to any unforeseen changes of business circumstances.

The list of friends of our company is in fact the list of our customers and business partners, a fact very quickly ascertained by anyone starting business with us.

We create reliable and efficient solutions for our customers through constant improvements of quality, in line with the highest world standards.

Renowned manufacturers worldwide with which we cooperate, as well as their materials used in our work, represent a major reference for our company.

We constantly improve our business results and working environment through responsible daily operations and diligent and proactive approach to each assignment.

Working atmosphere in our company is one of mutual respect, appreciation and infinite trust shared between the customers, partners, employees and the owner.

Our vision is growth of the GRADINA brand and image primarily through the quality of our service. Owing to our construction activities completed to date, reliability and level of cooperation, we are recognized by the professional community as a region’s leader in construction projects based on renewable energy sources.

In order to accomplish its mission, our company establishes and improves its own integrated management system (IMS), comprising: quality management system (in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard), environmental management system (in compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard), occupational health and safety system (conforming to OHSAS 18001:2007), energy management system ISO 50001:2011, as well as information security management system according to ISO 27001:2013.

One of the main goals of the company’s business activity is promotion of energy-efficient construction, with the reduction of energy consumption as the ultimate goal. Our company undertakes numerous activities to this end, such as participation in implementation of concrete energy efficiency improvement projects, raising awareness on the importance of energy efficiency, sharing the knowledge and experiences from EU countries in the field of enactment and implementation of legal regulations on energy efficiency, networking with all stakeholders relevant to energy efficiency in Serbia and beyond. Our engineers are holders of all required licenses for energy efficiency of buildings.

The highest priority of our company is people’s health and safety. For that reason, we uphold the highest safety standards in everything we do. Before any activity is launched, we provide all the resources necessary for full-scale implementation of safety programmes.

We have recognized the latest trends in construction through application of green building principles, while our engineers are holders of all the required certificates and LEED standard licences.

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